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We are Best Partnership finalists at the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2014!

We have been selected as finalists in the Best Partnership category at the KTP Best of the Best Awards 2014, shortlisted from over 50 nominations for the £10,000 prize!

The Partnership between Photek, Prof Mike Ashfold at the University of Bristol and former KTP Associate Orla Kelly (now R&D Engineer at Photek) aimed to design state-of-the-art velocity map imaging (VMI) ion optics suitable for imaging in physical chemistry experiments and characterisation of attosecond laser systems.

The successful Partnership resulted in the first commercialisation of VMI technology, leading to the development of the Velocitas VMI brand. Velocitas VMI has expanded to include not only VMI ion optics but imaging detectors, advanced electronics, pulsed valves, vacuum chambers and more, offering custom spectrometers and key components for advanced research applications in physics and chemistry laboratories. The Partnership has helped establish Photek as primary providers of bespoke instrumentation for the international research community.

The KTP officially ended in October 2013, but Photek and the University of Bristol continue to work together on new ion imaging investigations. The project also paved the way for further R&D collaborations between Photek and leading international researchers. You can find out more more about the Velocitas VMI research and collaborations here.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme is delivered by Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board), the UK's innovation agency. KTPs are three-way projects incorporating private businesses, academic institutions and graduates. The KTP Best of the Best Awards 2014 are part of National KTP Week (3-7 November 2014). Find out more here: http://www.ilovektp.org.uk/