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Velocitas VMI brand goes live!

Velocitas VMI is a range of instrumentation and components uniquely designed for advanced research applications. Velocitas VMI builds on the strength of our parent organisation, Photek Ltd, with their expertise in photon and particle detectors, cameras and specialist electronics. Through successful collaborative projects with international research institutions, we have been able to develop our bespoke ion imaging apparatus and complementary technology that are now collectively housed under the new Velocitas VMI brand.

Velocitas VMI instrumentation allows you to develop a range of advanced and successful physical chemistry experiments in the laboratory. The technology was initially designed to meet the growing demands of Velocity Map Imaging applications, but the components are a welcome addition to a host of experimental set ups, including mass spectrometry and spectroscopy.

Velocitas VMI instrumentation can be tailored to fit any specific experimental application, so contact us to discuss whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a more bespoke solution for your investigations.